Nice to have the pleasure of your company!

We learn life as we live life!

Let’s talk about life and dealing with what life drops in our lap and live a better life.

Lessons learned in Life & Love will teach us Wisdom and spur us to Grow every day.  We will reach our full potential in time if we choose to allow life to teach us the lessons.

Who am I?

Speaker *Writer * Thinker * Mom #LifeLoveWisdomGrowth

When you feel your world has collapsed you need to believe that you will get to the other side. It won’t be easy but you will. I’ve had plenty of first-hand experience on getting through the storm. There is a rainbow waiting for you!

Life isn’t what you had always expected.

How do you handle the disasters, disappointments, and derailments in your Life? We have all had them.

Don’t lose faith in yourself or in surviving things you never expected to happen. Let’s connect and work on getting you to the better side.

My daughter once asked me, “Mom how do get through all that you’ve been through?” I told her Faith. I won’t be talking religion on this page or in my speaking engagements, but I will be talking about Faith.  Faith need not be equated with religion.

Let’s learn to love our selves and life more than we do today!

Janice Krako


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