A Very Bittersweet Mother’s Day

This is based on the post I originally had posted this past weekend to my old personal blog but it’s definitely worth adding this updated version here. When major changes and losses enter your life you don’t have any choice but to weather the storm and try to find some ray of hope or rainbow in the lessons learned. I know other parents who’ve experienced dire situations concerning the health of their children will understand. There will always be a hole in your heart, but how you deal with reality matters most.

Our family dealt with his brain tumor since kindergarten days.  We learned a lot about schools, prejudice, other parents’ attitudes and so much more along the way.  You will never become strong by having an easy journey.

Once upon a time….when a private school didn’t think a young man would be able to succeed in spite of his brilliance, was lacking perfect eyesight and poor fine motor skills….He made the honor roll!

How ironic it was, the meeting the High School principal called at the behest of the Headmaster didn’t go as planned.  The purpose of this meeting was to say David would have to leave this school because David hadn’t proved himself capable and up to the high caliber of the private school work.  David proved the Headmaster wrong!  It was a pleasure to see all the teachers and Principal during meeting chuckling because they knew David was very smart and he was capable. David constantly amazed all who met him.

So…now that he was successful at schoolwork in a tough and very competitive private school, the next step…he was about 16…he needed a date for the prom!

Dating for Dummies by
Dr. Joy Browne

This mother challenged him, gave him the book “Dating for Dummies” for his birthday. He needed some ideas some ideas on how to find a date for the prom. Yes, he laughed when he opened that birthday present!  We always dealt as much as possible with humor!

Not only did Dave get 1 date he wound up with 2 dates and they asked another classmate who didn’t have a date to join them…So the 4 went to the Prom and enjoyed a very special evening!

David and friends pre-prom                                   in our backyard by the Koi pond

❤️ Moral of the Story 1 ⇒ Never say you can’t because you can. You can exceed all other’s expectations of you. Any child who could and did talk in complete sentences at 6 months of age has great potential and is very special.

Waiting for the Islander Ferry in Woods Hole MA to Martha’s Vineyard

❤️ Moral of the Story 2 ⇒ I am one tough Mother that would walk through a burning fire (yes it seemed that way at times) to make sure he succeeded. Don’t tell me silly things like he would never read! A mother know’s her child best. A mother’s love is more durable than anything. Parents and families are the ones who care most about raising the child.

My children during our first of many trips to Alaska (notice how huge the cabbages grow with so many hours of daylight)

❤️ Moral of the Story 3 ⇒ The power of Love and real parenting will shape the future of the world.

Love while you can….we are never promised tomorrow. ❤️

Today is Mother’s Day and would have been his birthday also.  While bittersweet, I wouldn’t want to lose 1 minute of the times we had with our beloved David.  We had almost 30 years more of David being with us than the doctors said we would have. Never say never!

We live, we love, we gain wisdom, and so we grow.


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