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Janice Krako

Life Is Never What We Expected


We learn life as we live life!
Lessons learned in Life & Love will teach us Wisdom & spur us to Grow every day to full and best potential.  We need to love ourselves first in order to really love others.

My Story

Everything in Life has a beginning.  I grew up with wonderful parents and a brother.  After college, I ran several corporations for many years and it taught me a lot about life, problems, solving problems and definitely stress management.

Growing up my real ambitions were becoming a stay at home mom, a writer or a classical pianist.  Life being as unpredictable as it can be, I do have children, I do write but the piano has not been played in a long time.

After a very successful career in business, I left to care for my amazing mother who was dying of dementia.  I’m glad I did take of her and it taught me much about life, love and dying.  Let’s face it, we have all been born and we will all die.  That dash on the tombstone is the indicator of our lives…the space between being born and dying.

My goal is to help people with all I’ve learned through, the death of many family members including my son.  We can survive even though we aren’t sure how we will while going through the events.

Join me and let’s talk about life, love, growth and the wisdom of how to deal with everything that comes our way.

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